Editorial: Meet Miss Fencing

The lovely Miss Fencer

I was recently in Cracow, Poland, and spent a weekend fencing with the club Aramis. I hope to be able to get back to you on that road trip and the international project, called Fence 4 You, we’re working on.

The project is a collaboration within Erasmus+ between sport fencers, stage fighters, Historical fencers and classical fencers to see how we can promote fencing and be more inclusive. I represent my club, Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, GHFS.

During this trip I had a great time, and got to spend full days doing sabre, small sword and rapier and dagger, none of which are my specialty. I must say, even as an historical fencer, I may have enjoyed the sport sabre a bit too much. Guilty pleasures…

One of the most pleasant meetings was with the lovely Miss Fencing. She has a Youtube channel and an Instagram account, and you should follow both of them! She has a certain pizazz paired with vitality, humour and a polish accent! So don’t miss out and go subscribe to her channels.

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