We’re celebrating six months!

Six months ago, The Historical Fencer was launched. Since then we’ve published 50 posts, most of which are in-depth articles, interviews and research, and 10 videos. We are looking forward to the next six months!

We just love swords

There is a wide range of topics and research in the pipeline and I hope that you will have patience with me as some material takes a little bit longer to produce. In the next six months, I also hope to introduce you to some new writers presenting great content and new insights.

The Historical Fencer began with the idea that I wanted to reach new fencing audiences and show them the world of traditional European fencing culture. I wanted a site which moves freely between various topics related to fencing, a site that can both look at the bigger picture, as well as dig into details. The common theme is really fencing and fencing culture.

Get a fencing lifestyle

I view The Historical Fencer as a lifestyle magazine for fencers of any sort. It’s the GQ or Esquire of fencing culture, where we explore the ideals of fencing culture: skill, honour, camaraderie, courage and impeccable sense of style. We go from the light-hearted, to the serious and in the future you will see more of both.

These six months have included support from the tens of thousands of people who have been reading the articles.

The survival of this endeavour is of course reliant on the people who have contributed so far: Maestro Jeannette-Acosta Marinez, Jake Norwood, Kevin Maurer, Christoph Amberger, Ruben Terlouw and Samuel Spånberger.

A big thank you as well to our two amazing Patreons! I am also grateful for the support from my fencing club, Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, who have patiently helped me film and show techniques after class.

To celebrate, let’s look at one of the most entertaining clips in movie fencing history.

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  • Congratulations!
    I’m really glad that The Historical Fencer exists. Some articles gave me thoughts to think for long time after reading them.

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